Great Nursery

The Green Mountain church of Christ has recently renovated our new building to have a beautiful and functional nursery for new mothers. The nursery is very private and furnished with comfortable seating. The room can observe the body while still taking those necessary moments during worship or class. We have plenty of helping hands to serve your needs when they arise.

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Fun Youth & Toddler Classes

Toddler and youth classes are a great blessing to this congregation. We are also blessed with two of the most wonderful teachers for this age group of children. They learn to sing, draw, color, and paint all while learning about Jesus and His Father.  They will learn the important values of Christ, family and self. Each child will be cherished and loved as part of this family.

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High School Age Classes

Every child in our congregation is loved and cherished especially the teenagers. Our teacher for this class is a fantastic teacher.   He provides a counseling ear, a strong personality, and can be the calm in the storm of a teenagers life. They will work and learn the values of God in relationship to family, friends, and themselves. The lessons taught here have depth in biblical subjects in context and will learn application to today correctly. The classes are provided with ample time to ask questions the young adult will be challenged by the material, and maybe even themselves.

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Churches of Christ?

Perhaps you have heard of the Churches of Christ and wondered, "Who are these People?"

Here, in brief are some answers to who we are.

We are committed to not subscribing to man-made creeds, traditions of men, or a mixture of ideas; only to the New Testament pattern established in the early church as laid down for us by Jesus through the apostles. We do not consider ourselves a denomination - not Jewish, Catholic, or Protestant - but simply members of the church Jesus established, purchasing it with His blood (Acts 20:28b) That is why we identify ourselves as "Churches of Christ" - not used as a denominational designation, but as a descriptive term, indicating that the church belongs to Christ. If you didn't know it the term denomination means to divide.

We are an un-denominational autonomous (self-ruled) organization. The church here has none of the trappings of modern-day organizational bureaucracy. We have no district, regional, national, or international governing boards.  We have no earthly headquarters, and no humanly-designed organization. Each congregation is governed locally by a plurality of men doing the work of elders (where qualified men exist) 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9.  There are also men doing the work of deacons in each congregation (where qualified men are found) 1 Timothy 3:8-12.

Jesus said in Joh 17:17  "Sanctify them in the truth; Your Word is truth. You see we must be careful to not to exclude any item in our worship that is found in His Word, and equally careful not to include any item in our worship that is not found in His Word. When we assemble for Worship each Sunday our service usually consists of five elements, which were observed by the first-century church: singing, praying, preaching, giving, and commemorating the Lord's Supper.

The church here in Castleton as in other Churches of Christ have three practices that are different from many religious groups.

First, the New Testament doesn't mention nor describe instrumental music in worship. Therefore, we exclude it. If you didn't know this important fact - instrumental music didn't appear until the sixth century AD. Thus the use of instruments is without New Testament authority.

Second, Churches of Christ observe the Lord's supper every Sunday. The reason for weekly observance centers in the determination to adhere to New Testament instruction. Acts 20:7. Some have argued that the text does not specify the first day of every week. This is true - just as the Old Testament command to observe the Sabbath did not specify every Sabbath: simply to "Remember the Sabbath day under the Old Testament Exodus 20:8. The Jews understood that to mean every Sabbath day. By the same reasoning, it seems to us and was understood by the early church that the first day of the week means the first day of every week. This includes well documented history as recorded by Neander and Eusebius that the early church understood this and observed the Lord's Supper every Sunday.

Third, there is another final distinction regarding the Lord's church. Churches of Christ do not view membership in terms of a formula or list of rules that must be met to be accepted into the church. The New Testament specifies certain steps that people took in the early church to become Christians see Acts 2:38-40. Those who were obedient to the teaching were inducted into the church Acts 2:41-47.

When a person became a Christian he/she at the same time became a member of the church. There are no rules or ceremonies that one must follow, no voting by a board or the congregation, or a prescribed course of study outside of the New Testament teaching. The church does not practice infant baptism because the New Testament baptism is for sinners who can submit to the Lord in belief and repentance. An infant is not capable of doing these things.

With regard to this subject the Churches of Christ; the only form of baptism practiced is by immersion. The Greek word from which the word baptize comes means to "immerse, to submerge." The scriptures describe baptism as a burial Romans 6:3-4; Colossians 2:12.


Take The Next Step...

Since you have taken so much of your time to read about the Green Mountain church of Christ here in Castleton, Vermont. Why don't you take a minute to look at some of the other things we do. Check out the list below since you have already read till your eyes hurt.

Youth Group

We are busy, at present putting together a proper & powerful program for young adults that will be challenging, transforming, and rewarding.

If you have young adults between the ages of 13 and 17 and would like them to be involved with solid, mature Christian adults who can teach not only Biblical values and lessons, but can provide your young people with role models and mentoring give us a call so we can discuss your young adult and their participation with us.

World BIble School image

Learn The Bible At Home

Have you thought I would love to know more about the Bible and God but were worried about asking the wrong questions? World Bible School may be the path to answer many of your questions without having to worry about being in a group of people. World Bible School is offered as an online educational program as well as being offered as a correspondence course. You can register online at

Christian Library

We are busy building an extensive library of Christian materials. This library has ancient history, commentaries both Old and New Testament. There are a vast variety of topical subjects. The Library here is available to anyone interested in the study of God's word. All you need is a library card and time to read. We have around 3000 volumes of books.


We are working on number of projects to support the community in 2017 & 2018

This congregation is very excited about adding a number of programs that will provide services to the community or opportunities for young people.

  • We are looking for single parent families to participate in a working group to identify the needs of the family today and help us identify how we can help in this challenging time. If your interested in participating in this area give us a call and ask for Kirk to get more information.
  • We are planning a movie night where families can gather together and enjoy a wholesome movie together with other families in the community. Popcorn and beverage will be available.
  • Hosting a blood drive for the Red Cross
  • Community Suppers
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Our only limitation is man-power.
  • Annual May-I card tournament. (May I is a form of rummy) Trophies are involved.
  • Monthly fellowship meals.


Spiritual Transformation

Romans 12:1-2  Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God--this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will. (NIV)

We see ourselves as a family of beggars who have found bread leading other beggars to the same source of bread. Won't you consider studying God's word with us?


Next Steps...

Each of us here in the Green Mountain church of Christ family have walked a mile in your shoes. We have been hurt, lonely, hungry, and needed help. Each of us have been searching for spiritual truth. We all have felt the empty feeling of what the world has to offer. There is a great opportunity to change all of this. All it takes is a moment to click the "Call To Action" button to your right. Know that we are understanding and care about you deeply.