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Welcome to Green Mountain church of Christ

Annual Fall Lecture Series 2018

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October 5th through the  7th, 2018

Green Mountain church of Christ, 522 Route 4a West, Castleton, Vermont 


Schedule of Events

FRIDAY, 6:00 PM: “The Entry” – Ephesians Chapter 1, Pie and Coffee Social to follow.

SATURDAY, 9:30 AM: “The Family Room” – Ephesians 2, Coffee and Donuts before.

SATURDAY 11:00 AM: “The Trophy Room” – Ephesians 3, Lunch will be served on site.

SATURDAY 1:00 PM: “The Kitchen” – Ephesians Chapter 4

SUNDAY CLASS, 9:30 AM: “The Bedroom” - Ephesians 5

SUNDAY WORSHIP, 10:30 AM: “The Garage” - Ephesians 6, Lunch to follow.


SUNDAY Congregational Hymn Sing - 1:30 PM. 


For more information feel free call to: 802-558-3674.

Topic for 2018

Finding My Place in God’s House

In the last 2000 years, the church that started at Pentecost has been studied, surveilled and scrutinized from just about every angle. We believe it is important to continue to do this as we pursue the idea of being Christians only. The Bible teaches when believers were baptized they were added to the church (Acts 2:47). Today, there is a lot of confusion about “the church.” How are we going to clear up this “confusion?” Instead of looking at the church from a bird’s eye view in the book of Acts. We are going to zoom in on the Ephesian letter; which is commonly referred to as “the church letter.” Below is the schedule and layout of the series from the letter to the Ephesians.